Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You're just a Doorman, Doorman....Doorman.

There are no real standards as to which direction doors should be placed in a frame. This is fairly strange to me. I mean looking at the door in my bedroom, the handle is on the right and it opens into the room. Looking at my bathroom, to which the door also opens inward, the handle is on the left. However, it really gets strange when I think about how neither one feels awkward, eventhough I am opening the doors the same direction with handles on opposite sides (both open inward, one handle is on the right, one is on the left).

Now, the Blockbuster near me, like so many typical buildings, has two sets of doors you have to walk through to get in. So why is it that every time I manage to push on the hinges side of at least one of these doors? I thought by now I would figure it out but alas, I am stuck trying to push the door down instead of push it open. Oh wait, I know, because they have no HANDLE! There is no way to tell (not by trivial means at least) which side is hinged and which is not. It's just basically a flat pane of glass with a metal frame that stands in ones way and is called a door because it happens to open the first time if you guess correctly which side to push. As if it's not bad enough that RedBox has pretty much played the trump card on all video rental businesses, now Blockbuster is successfully locking me out without actually having to lock their doors.

This door opening extravaganza may seem trivial, but is in fact quite annoying. Just find a door that doesn't open intuitively (which, believe me, is probably easier to do than you think) and you will probably find it pushes your buttons too. Maybe this is my calling; a standard in the door assembling industry. My money making idea. In fact, I encourage OSHA to adopt some standards before I run head first into a door, thinking it's going to open when I push on it.

My apologies if you now overanalyze every door that you do open, and they all begin to feel weird.

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