Thursday, August 19, 2010

My First Thoughts

I'm starting this blog because I enjoy investing. Am I someone you should take advice from? Frankly, probably not. But, I hope to become one. Everything I have become good at, dare I say great at, has been because I threw myself in the deep end. I am learning to invest, by investing. There is so much material out there reflecting on past experiences when it comes to the market. I want to take it from another angle. I want to express my ups and downs, good days and bad, gains and losses as they happen, not after they happen. And I invite you to follow me through it. Yes, even feel free to disagree with me, I won't get defensive (I don't think).

To be honest, I have often tried to understand why people get so defensive when someone disagrees with them. To date, I have become fairly convinced people get defensive only when they don't really understand what they are talking about. They can't open themselves up to listen to others because they can't even convince themselves of what they, themselves, are saying!(Contrary to popular belief, I do understand what I just wrote so I'm not quite a hypocrite yet). Once you understand your side, it gives you the ability to stop defending what you think and instead intelligently explain what you think as it relates to the thoughts of others.

That said, I welcome the bashers, the haters, the supporters, the pumpers the shorts and the longs. Challenge me to question my picks. Force me to be able to explain my reasons for owning a stock. Contradict me, not because I will always have an answer or argument from my side (remember, I'm learning) but because it will teach me how to think so I can beat the market.

Afterall, no matter your position, isn't that a goal we all have anyways?

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