Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stock Market different than the mall...Why?

Ever been to TJ Maxx? I have bought countless polos from there for less than 50% of their original price. So why is it when a stock is priced at 50% of what it should be (or less) people freak out? I see posts online titled "WHAT'S WRONG?!?" "WHAT AM I MISSING?" etc. First off, don't "type scream". It's unhealthy. Besides, decible level is not controlled by font size. Second, I can't wait for the day someone storms out of TGX yelling WHY IS THIS SHIRT HERE FOR THIS CHEAP PRICE!? kicking the door open, and leaving their mom standing there sweating, holding 10 back-to-school bags, and crying because she couldn't buy her son the $50 abercrombie shirt he really wanted.

If you liked the stock at $10 and nothing changes except the price, you should like it more at $5, and even more at $3. Don't be afraid of deals. Buy them like you would any other deal.

That is all.

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